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Edradour Whisky

Amber in the hands…

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Maison du Whisky, a key player in the success of whisky in France, we designed a collector's concept bottle for Edradour, the self-styled smallest boutique Scotch whiskey distillery in Scotland. `{`…`}`

Our creative process began with the desire to bring together, both conceptually and aesthetically, two distinct brand universes into a common communication space, with two brands on a single label.


In order to resolve the unique challenges posed by such an integration, we decided to design a double label, which through its specific composition provides each brand a distinct, individual space for expression, whilst also preserving an overall graphic unity.


The general label is thus composed of two shapes, one inside the other. The exterior shape is dedicated to the Edradour brand and the interior disk celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Maison du Whisky


By playing with the concept of a twin label, we had the choice either to bring these two worlds together or to devote the entire composition to the whiskey brand only. Thus both the long years of aging and the year in which it was barreled is communicated on this label.


The rest of the label is carefully elaborated using peripheral detailing. Attractive motifs and engravings were made in bas-reliefs, evoking the transformation of this alcohol and the brand universe, as well as monochrome detailing in the thick paper of the label. From a technical perspective, the codes and materials of the label play with the varying tonal contrasts: copper, black and embossing + a transparent varnish to avoid the detailing being overbearing.


The design of the bottle, blown in Murano in Italy by our partners, has a rather wide, rounded line, consistent with the tall shapes of the whiskey stills. The copper work on the neck and bottom evokes an immediate visual reminder of the distillation technique and allows for an elegant and refined visual balance.


The design of a tailor-made packaging for this creation includes a presentation base for the bottle, but also a simple cap with the insignia of the Edradour brand.


Printing was undertaken by our partner Spind.

Deliverable :
  • Label design
  • Printing with hot stamping of the copper + black + simple embossing
  • 3D printing base
  • Copper painting on base and neck of bottle
  • Packaging of the bottle and glasses.
  • Packaging design (cardboard presentation box)

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