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Unión Mezcal

The Community Mescal…

Among all South American liquors, Mexican mescal is arguably the most immediately recognized and famous.


Indeed with tequila, which is derived from mescal, where both originate from the cultivation and extraction of agave juice, mescal has greatly diversified since the end of the 90s, with a now large range of varieties coming under the umbrella of mescal, transforming it from an artisanal to a now classic product. This largely contributes to its recent success.


Mescal has now become, through its conception and its conservation, a beverage comparable to French wine or Scotch whisky, with vintages, aging and years of laying down…


The Mezcal Unión is one of the key brands responsible for these changes in the sector. The Mezcal Unión was thus born from a desire to bring together several families of mescal producers in the state of Oaxaca. This notion of a community of several “small houses” under the same banner is undoubtedly the starting point of our concept.


The challenges of this project were to transmit a twin heritage on a single, neutral bottle. That of time and the past, a transposition between the thousand-year history of the Mexican Mayans and the ancestral and artisanal history of the fabrication of this famed drink.


Two design typologies and graphic codes thus both oppose and combine. The design of the label of our bottle is composed of two rectangular and circular geometric shapes which interlock to constitute the overall composition, picking up on the language of Mayan tapestries.


This central motif dedicated to the brand is highlighted using several simple colors, immediately identifiable as the national colors of Mexico, through a selective varnish and a slight metallization of the decoration, but also by the careful attention paid to the typography embossed on beautiful paper with a subtle crenelated edge.


At the top of the bottle, a Mayan mask is finely drawn and embossed into a medallion. This detail reinforces the encounter between tradition and the choice of pattern with a modern transcription that is almost logotyped.


A label on a wooden stopper with essences of Olneya Tesota, typical of Mexico, as well as the cork finish off this unique polymorphic design.

Deliverable :
  • Visual identity design
  • Logo design
  • Illustration
  • Label design
  • 3D bottle

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