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Flavors Island

An archipelago of flavors

Real Diffusion, a firm specializing in branded spirits, has decided to embark on the true adventure of producing and selling rum through its Flavors Island brand. A new arrival in the highly competitive world of rum-based alcohols, Flavors Island offers a range of three juices blended from several combinations of fruits, citrus fruits, cocoa and caramel.


The range originates in the French Overseas Territories and more precisely from a small, idyllic and totally imaginary archipelago near to the island of Reunion.


In order to promote the launch, Real Diffusion entrusted Studio Boam with the creation of the entire graphic identity and artistic direction of all product and communication media.


First, the studio conceived of and custom designed the logo. Consisting of wide, high lettering, solids and voids enclose the totem animal of the archipelago, a chameleon, at its center. The gold and curved hot stamping finishes add relief to the logo.


In order to enrich this very structured logo, we sketched in a large illustrative fresco in opposition, with steamy jungle colors, blending in the imaginary fauna and flora of this fictitious region. Entirely executed by hand, like the great naturalist canvases of the past, each flavor has its own canvas, which juxtaposed with one another, creating the final image.


This logic of decorative subsets ensures the general coherence of the whole but also allows for infinite possibilities for completing the story, the scenes and the flavors.  Thus, we can add as many new references to the range as desired.


Finally, to increase the feeling of a change of scenery for the consumer, we have added a set of small elements specific to the imagination of long-distance travel (distinctive stamps and collars for each of the bottles).

Deliverable :
  • Visual identity design
  • Logo design
  • Label design
  • Illustration
  • Shooting photo

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