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Dzama Rhum

Experience the fauna and flora on the largest island in the world

If the saying goes that “Rum drives you crazy”, we wanted to lay down the main design and graphic lines of what would be the formal language and the aesthetics of “being crazy”, which would certainly sum up the spirit behind this drink.


We first wondered about the graphic formalization and the visual transposition of what this “language of craziness” could be, as pertaining to the domain of alcohol.


This encounter with craziness issues from this prospective project but it first of all originates with a product, and then after, from an aesthetic.


Dzama brand rum, having a great richness of taste, was for us the ideal partner to marry what is one of the most imposing aspects of its territory with a wider sense of one of the most disturbing living manifestations of the unknown for many people, that of the tropical jungle. How many tales are told of the difficulties of crossing this green, thick and mysterious mass of vegetation? How many adventurers have had their will broken facing this dense curtain of vegetation, which might indeed drive you mad.

This lush forest, combined with an elixir of a thousand and one flavors, warm and vaporous, is the perfect combination for an explosive association of flavors.


It is this very sense “explosion” that is deployed here, in the creation of a label rich in graphic elements and luxurious detail. Everything is there: the vegetation with multiple variations, the typical flowers of Madagascar as well as the animals that inhabit the island.


This tailor-made, hybrid creation (fictional and created at our own initiative), mixes illustration and typography, as well as tactile elements and visuals in an interlocking, colorful and festive composition.


In order to transcribe the essence and richness of this beverage, particular attention was paid to the drawings, to the sensitivity of the line and to the texture of the collar made with wax. Working with a natural material such as wax adds a touch of vintage to the design of the bottle, linking it to ancestral techniques for “sealing” bottles of alcohol, but also helping evoke sensory experiences from touching different materials.


The atypical shape of this special cuvée gives a new look to this emblematic rum, stimulating the full range of senses.

The labels were printed by Plein Sud Étiquettes, the wax is a French natural wax, prototyping and photographs were made in Paris. Discover the beautiful (and brand-new) website of the brand at:

Deliverable :
  • Visual identity design
  • Logo design
  • Label design
  • Illustration
  • Shooting photo

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