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Catena Zapata Malbec

A trip to Mendoza, Argentina…

Bodega Catena Zapata, is the producer of this Malbec red wine from the Mendoza region made with a selection of the very best Malbec grapes from the 2012 harvest. For this concept bottle, we decided to speak to the most iconic feature of the estate: “La Bodega”, the distinctive pyramid-like cellar.

Highlighting this ancestral architecture within our composition was quickly confirmed as the most promising creative direction. This veritable “laboratory”, where the wine is made and kept, and transformed into an exceptional wine, therefore become an important visual marker.

The result is a simple, bold artistic direction, with the cut-out shape of the label generating space in the center for creative typographical options.

With a tailor-made approach, typographies with serif and sans-serif styles give a unique character to this bottle while hinting at the complex variations of colors and tastes which make this wine a veritable nectar among wines.

The color red, a reminder of the brand’s current identity, is very eye-catching, all printed on laid paper.

The choice of an atypical design for the body of this bottle comes from a desire to break with the European, “classic” codes within the domain, and thus center the brand and this wine within a new dynamic, with a clean and distinctive new design complementing a contemporary graphic language.

The design of the bottle, with irregular and generous shapes, tries to entice the consumer closer to appreciating the pleasurable roundedness and taste of this unique New World wine.

Deliverable :
  • Visual identity design
  • Logo design
  • Label design
  • 3D bottle

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