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Vuelo Wine

Journey through the Uruguayan vineyards…

The vineyard of the Bodega José Alvares estate is located in Colonia Suiza in Uruguay. Established in the midst of an extraordinary mountainous landscape, on the shores of Lake Perito Moreno, the geographical location offered it land with a high production capacity and plots with ideal exposure.


This location first discovered during a trip, is at the origin of our creative process and our concept for this wine producer. The general form is inspired by the formal and graphic codes of the postage stamp.


And what better ambassador of travel is there than this stamp affixed to the back of a postcard with somewhat atypical decorations?


It is from this small piece of paper, a kind of witness to the cities and the settings that were explored, that our Parisian studio first began working on a concept for 3 labels. Like impressionist painters, we took out our easels and drawing boxes and went to work exploring the terrain. From this on-the-spot research, we were inspired by the local fauna and flora to produce these three neo-authentic themed label designs.


In the foreground of these graphic compositions, there are three illustrations of a bird on a branch, with a deliberately naive, sketch-like treatment—a nod to the graphic style of 70s wall hangings and wallpaper.


In the background, there is a motif used to enhance and contrast with the delicate drawings of the birds. The diagonal bands come from the desire to reinterpret the aesthetic codes concerning post-marks. A true passport illustrating our journeys, connections and experience of international escapism, this post-mark motif, normally overlaying the stamp, now becomes a participatory element of the graphics of our project. The graphic bias here is to create an alliance between totally opposite styles: on the one hand the precise and sensitive work of the pencil line and on the other, the diagonal, cold and sharp, bringing an element of “modernism” into the composition.


This graphic direction is explained by our wish to express an affirmation that is truly original, highlighting a country with a wine culture that is still quite young and dynamic (Uruguayan vines only began to be exploited from 1870 onwards) and relatively little known in the world. Even so, this represents 100 million liters annually, which makes Uruguay the 26th wine producing country in the world.


Each bird and branch originates from the Colonia Suiza region:

Tannat: an elegant goldfinch + a cherry tree

Merlot-Tannat: a Chestnut-backed Calliste + a flamboyant blue

The Albarino: a Yellow Cardinal + a ceibo

No animals were harmed for this project…

Deliverable :
  • Visual identity design
  • Logo design
  • Label design
  • Illustration
  • Shooting photo

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