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Relief as a message…

Aguaridente’s project for the Bonita brand is primarily the creation of a universe based upon the analysis of the territory and topography of the great South American mountain ranges evoked in the universe of this celebrated local drink.


The creative process elicits the character of the plains and valleys formed by the Andean landscapes upon which have evolved the plants which, after picking, lend their specific aromas to this spirit, somewhat close in character to a European “eau de vie”.


Aguardiente is little known outside of Iberian and South American countries. The product of artisanal distillation, it consists of a mixture of alcohol and various plants. The blends of this spirit differ according to the country of production. Thus, we are not talking about specific beverage but a multitude of preparations constituting a whole, a typology of spirits.


It is these great visual and olfactory ques that have guided the graphic creation and design process of Boam studio in situating this drink within the diversity of the spirits market. The bottle object is approached as a whole, like a postcard.


The image of the South American mountain ranges is illustrated here by large, deliberately pronounced embossed markings on the label as well as on the bottle. The lettering that makes up the label graphics now straddles the label and the glass of the bottle. Their deliberately structured placement imitates the sometimes random aspect present within any naturally originating element.


In order to remain faithful to this representation of nature, the lettering is formed like the Andes mountain range, placed both in the glass and on the paper at an angle. It is possible to speak of an upper part of the letter, “the summit”, and of a lower part, “the valley”. This composition, using a non-classical reworking of the techniques of marking the glass and the label, allows us to consider this production as like a wild and hilly landscape, a reflection of the nature which produces this distinctive beverage.


Highlights of bright colors on each of the letters intensify the joyful dynamic evoking the natural wide open South American spaces, as well as an exuberant and festive graphic composition.

Deliverable :
  • Visual identity design
  • Logo design
  • Label design
  • 3D bottle

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